Your VPN for Huawei P20 Pro – Setup

how to set up VPN for Huawei P20

How to Setting up Your VPN for Huawei P20 Pro

VPN or the Virtual Private Network is set up by the user to ensure better protection of their account. But all users are not sound with the setting up of VPN and while setting it they face troubles. So this article is all about setting VPN.

What exactly VPN means

VPN is basically a system which allows any computing devices to reroute the traffic of the internet with the help of a server that might be located anywhere across the world. VPN is set up so that no intruders can access any files of the users or the corporation.

However, there are many users who opt for this system in order to hide their location as well as unlocking the geographical VPN services that were restricted. Say for example application like Netflix cannot be accessed in a country and in order to visit VPN play a significant factor as it reroutes the web surfing.

How to set up new VPN for Huawei P20 Pro

This section will help you to set your best VPN service using your android settings.

  • First, unlock your smartphone
  • Click on the settings app
  • Select the ‘more’ options from the ‘wireless and networks’ section
  • Select VPN
  • Select the ‘+’ sign that you will find on the top right corner
  • You will get all the required information from the network administrator, now choose your desired protocol and place all the information in it.
  • Hit on the ‘save’ option
  • You are now in a position to connect with the VPN by going back to the settings of the VPN. Choose a VPN of your choice and set a strong password and username when they ask for it.
  • For setting up your VPN private you can also go with the option of three dots menu which will make it on always.

So that’s all about the setting of VPN. VPN proxy set up is a must in order to stay away from any hackers. Setting up VPN with strong password reduces the possibility of hacking and unauthorized access to your files. So if you have not set up your VPN in the phone than with the help of the article try to set up your VPN as soon as possible.

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