OVERPLAY VPN comes with some of the best features and qualities that you are never supposed find in other VPNs out there. 

This UK-based latest VPN service is there to fulfil all your needs and requirements in the perfect way possible. You get unlimited server switching as well as OpenVPN protocol for very secure connection. 

Moreover, its SmartDNS feature is basically slated towards properly streaming various geo-restricted channels along with other services.

VPN has so many benefits and advantages for which you are really required to utilize this program or facility. 

You may find other VPNs available in the market but none of them would be as beneficial as OVERPLAY VPN. 

It is important for you go for some OVERPLAY VPN review to know this service better for your own convenience. 

• Pricing & Plans
OVERPLAY VPN is there to provide you with two different packages. The first plan is known to be a SmartDNS plan for $4.95 every month. 

On the other hand, the SmartDNS+ VPN package that is available for $9.95 each month. 

SmartDNA plan is generally used for streaming as well as bypassing the geo-blocks while this new VPN plan is utilized for providing encryption for the better privacy. There is no paid or free trail at all. You are supposed to get a 5-day money back guarantee.

• Features
The native client of OVERPLAY is basically available for the Mac and Windows devices. In case you use official OpenVPN software, you will also be able to use this software on the smart TVs, gaming consoles, routers as well as Linux platform. 

That being said OpenVPN setup is not generally available for the mobile devices. OVERPLAY’s configuration files basically come in some kind of compressed folder. There are more than 270 servers along with various names like BFS, BEG and BOM. At times the installation process might take too long.

On the other hand, there are some more exciting features to use. Some of these features are DNS leak protection, toggling auto-connect feature, IPv6 leak protection, Kill switch as well as various important switching protocols. 

You are given the opportunity to set the port and then can initiate a repair or installation of the OpenVPN driver from app as per your convenience. 

Apart from that, you are also allowed to tweak this app’s behaviour and eventually set this for automatically connecting with last connected server upon the launch or even connect to fastest server. It is considered to be great usability improvement. 

Moreover, the P2P is permitted and various servers are there that are particularly geared towards the gamers. You are supposed to go through DMCA policy of the provider before proceeding with torrent. The SmartDNS basically comes as a standard setup. 

It is important for you to properly edit DNS server addresses in the settings of your device.


• Tests
You can go for the speed test and security test and you will surely be satisfied with the results. You will effectively be able to stream and play in the best way possible. Moreover, the download speed is also likely to be pretty decent but it could be somewhat less than the playing and streaming speed for the obvious reasons. 

The upload speed is supposed to be slightly better than that of download speed. On the other hand, there are no security issues at all. That being said you are neither supposed to find any kind of IPv6 leaks as well. This way you will surely be able to access various services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix US as per your needs and requirements. 

• Privacy and Security
It is known form OVERPLAY VPN review that you are supposed to get the best privacy and security. The security specifications of OVERPLAY VPN appear to look good. 

This VPN is there to support OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols basically backed by 128-bit Blowfish and SSL security encryption. These encryptions are not though best in the market but these are surely more than enough for your complete protection over your online activities. Their return policy is considered to be very smooth. They provide no-question-asked return policy within 5 days of purchasing the service. 

The account sharing or the effective VPN chaining facility is prohibited. On the other hand, connecting to service from another VPN is also known to be prohibited. The use of Torrent and P2P is allowed but sharing various pirated materials is not permitted.

OVERPLAY VPN might be considered little bit expensive nevertheless it is still decent for the quality of service it provides. If you are a beginner, then you can go for some other useful VPN but if you are looking for some sophisticated and topmost VPN service then you have the all the reasons in the world to avail the services of this VPN. 

Moreover, if you want a VPN service with great number of servers along with SmartDNS feature then you have to come to OVERPLAY VPN for the obvious reasons. On the other hand, the security features of this VPN may not be the top-notch but they are enough to do its job. 

OVERPLAY VPN is there to protect your online privacy, safety and security. The hackers, governments and the service providers won’t be able to monitor your online activities. Moreover, using this VPN you will effectively be able to access other countries’ blocked web content which you would not be able to access otherwise. 

Suppose you live in France but to want to avail the web content of UK that is not allowed in your country. In this circumstance, using OVERPLAY VPN would be the best way to access these web contents as per your needs and choices. You are just required to do your research and find the best private VPN 2018.


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