Good Or Bad?- Hide My Ass vpn Review

As a customer myself, I would like to say that this the best vpn service one can find nowadays. It is for those users who want to make their online surfing secure and also want to visit geo-restricted media from anywhere.

Although HIDE MY ASS has a massive network of servers which accounts to 190 servers all over the continent, it has failed to get appreciation from those people who have used it.

HIDE MY ASS is considered as one of the biggies in the world of 2018 vpn. It has failed to win over people’s heart in the industry, which is mainly due to their incapability in handling large-scale logs they keep on the users over to the management.

 Hide My Ass vpn Review

Now we will look into the positive aspect of this site that is they have succeeded in spreading their server network over every known country which is unlike any other vpn organisation. The vpn organisations apart from this one has failed to produce these many servers across the continents even after many attempts.

The speed test which was conducted recently has given shocking results and it’s quite impressive for HIDE MY ASS.

HIDE MY ASS has evoked interest in those few vpn users who need two things- first, access to a massive network of vpn users and secondly, approach to those vpn users in a country that is served only by HIDE MY ASS.

Marketing Strategies

Now we will look into the strategies they use to maintain their finance. They have increased their cost moderately over the passage of time. They have an “all-in” plan offer that starts with a price of $11.52 per month. This price is not constant; it drops to $6.56 per month for a time period of 6 to 12 month annual subscription.

They also have summer sales where one can save up to 52% on the price listed. Like most vpn providers they have three different packages that serve the same purpose to the users. If users want to opt for the 6month package then they have to pay an amount of $47.94 or $7.99 per month, on the other hand the price for 12 month package drops to $4.99 per month or $59.88 yearly. Thus the package with longer subscription is more profitable.

Users may be a little disappointed with the fact that they do not provide free trial pack, but HIDE MY ASS makes up for this by giving a 30 day money back guarantee. They surely know the tactics of impressing their customers. The users need to keep one thing in mind, that they will not get any refunds if they cross their data limit usage beyond 10 GB bandwith within the given time limit. The payment method are user friendly, they can use PayPal, bank transfer or credit cards for payment.

Working Speed

The working speed of this site is mediocre compared to its competitors. Some times its slightly better. Unlike any other vpm user the speed varies depending on the server that is being used.

Although they have a large server network, people usually don’t have any speed related issue when they are watching any high quality video or movies from Netflix on their computers, laptops or cell phones from other countries.

HIDE MY ASS uses certain tactics to help their users while choosing the best server. The techniques are load balancing and the other one is speed guide.
Load balancing is basically a tool which automatically connects the user to the appropriate server in a particular place which will give the best speed keeping in mind the current usage level.

Speed guide is a tool that allows the user to choose the fastest server. The user can perform a ping test or in simple words they can check the uploading and downloading speed within the client software.

The customer can easily switch between native browsing and browsing with the help of vpn because they have got the freedom of choosing the server of their choice from the extensive options available and also the availability of unmetered bandwidth.


Vpn service is used by people for privacy purpose. HIDE MY ASS is the appropriate choice for those people who want to ensure that their data is secured .Even if the user is using data via internet or their local Wi-Fi connection, their privacy will always be maintained.

HIDE MY ASS has got an amazing vpn protocol list like- openVPN-TCP, L2TP, and PPTP. If the user want an increasing the speed without compromising on reliability they should definitely opt for openVPN over User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

HIDE MY ASS is one step ahead of its competitors in the field of security for the following reasons-
a) Ip binding- This is important because it makes sure that the browsing on internet or the use of bittorrent will work only when the vpn is operating. This is an amazing feature because it ensures that if the vpn service stops suddenly due to some reason then it won’t automatically shift to usual IP while you are doing something important.

b) Scheduled Ip changes- This is important and useful for those users for whom privacy is the key criteria. Users can check the history to keep track of the Ip addresses used by them in the past. They can set their Ip address to change at fixed intervals to keep snoop off their trail.
Protecting our online activity becomes easier with the varied offers they provide to their vpn users.

Customer Care Service

They have a great customer care service available. The live chat feature is pretty fast in replying and the service is very efficient. They guide their users properly and help them to follow instructions with the help of support ticket via email. They have an active phone support service between 9am-5pm UK times.

Customer Care Service

They have a great customer care service available. The live chat feature is pretty fast in replying and the service is very efficient. 

They guide their users properly and help them to follow instructions with the help of support ticket via email. They have an active phone support service between 9am-5pm UK times


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