If you are looking for the best VPN service out there, then you have all the reasons in the world to read our AVIRA PHANTOM VPN review. 

This effective VPN is there to offer you with some of the most distinct and unique features and qualities that you are not supposed to get from any other VPN service to start with. 

On the other hand, unlike other VPNs there are hardly any kinds of drawbacks or disadvantages of availing AVIRA PHANTOM VPN.


AVIRA PHANTOM VPN is considered to be a very effective paid and free Virtual Private Network service provided for the Windows as well as Android as per your convenience. These two different versions of VPN may differ slightly. At first, you have the option to go for the free version of this VPN to explore its various attributes and features. The free version is regarded as quite good for around 500 MB traffic every month. 

You have the option to double the traffic after registering yourself with opening an account. On the other hand, the pro version is there to be available for 59.95 Euro which is for unlimited traffic. 

Once you avail AVIRA PHANTOM VPN you get to browse safely, securely and anonymously. It is surely considered as the safest method of enhancing your online security and privacy while you are on some public hotspot. It will be best for you if you use it in all of your devices from computer to phones to everything else.


• Installation
It is known from AVIRA PHANTOM VPN review that the installation of AVIRA PHANTOM VPN can be problematic on Windows. It is because when you download and install AVIRA VPN program on your Windows, the AVIRA Launcher is basically installed first. Nevertheless, the other platforms the installation is likely to be comparatively quick provided you have a fast internet connection.

• Settings
After properly installing AVIRA PHANTOM VPN, the first thing you should do is open program settings. There will be different country selection option which you need to choose and enable as per your need and choice. AVIRA PHANTOM latest VPN basically supports various European counties such as Spain, Italy and Germany etc. Canada and USA are known to be the only non-European countries. 

This program is generally set up for sending data by default that you can either enable or disable from the settings as well. On the other hand, there is an important feature which you can either enable or disable. There is an option to utilize the best VPN service automatically if the device is connected to the internet. 

• More on it
AVIRA PHANTOM has taken it to the next level with their well-known VPN service. This VPN is basically focused at providing excellent service for the home users. There are no choices, complexities or various technical details such as rules or protocols, rather just 13 servers are there to select from. Moreover, the price is also known to be quite affordable and decent for its quality of service.

The base version of AVIRA PHANTOM VPN is there to provide you with 500MB per month data cap. But it never requires you to register or provide your email address. Rather you are just supposed to download this VPN, install and then connect. On the other hand, you can also have a free-account with proper registration. In this, the data allowance just gets doubled up every month. Moreover, the paid service enables you to get the service for unlimited data for the obvious reasons.

In case you want to avail AVIRA PHANTOM VPN paid service then you are supposed to provide you personal details such as phone numbers, email address, PayPal, credit card as well as banking details. All this information of yours will completely be safe, secured and protected with the AVIRA PHANTOM. They do not monitor your online activities no matter what. You are supposed to get the utmost privacy, security and safety. 

• Performance
AVIRA PHANTOM VPN is there to cover all the main Operating System bases with the clients provided for iOS, Android and Windows. The installation method needs some care since the default program is likely to install AVIRA Safe Search Plus or System Speedup. 

You are required to click on the option ‘skip’ and thus you will effectively be left with the VPN option only at the end. In case, you face any problem during installation then you are supposed to take online help. Just search with your problem and there will be plenty of solutions to start off. 

AVIRA PHANTOM VPN is considered to be a reliable service from any angle. The performance is regarded as decent and quite good compared to other decent VPN services in the market. This is why this VPN is known to be a great option for you. 

It is easy-to-install and use. On the other hand, the overall basic service is also top-notch and decent for its price. It is specifically good for the home-users. Most importantly the support and reliability is considered to be a lot better in comparison with other VPN services available in the market. 

Before you go for AVIRA PHANTOM VPN, you are really required to go through some AVIRA PHANTOM VPN reviews for your own convenience. There are plenty of websites where you will get various effective reviews, customers’ feedbacks and rating. Check each of the reviews properly in order to explore the different aspects of this VPN. There are hardly any types of drawbacks of using this VPN. Hence, just go with this product and you will be benefitted in so many ways. You can try to find the best private VPN 2018 and then go for it.


A proper review on AVIRA Prime is supposed to be very beneficial for you in so many ways. If you are in dire need of a good VPN service for some reason or other then you are definitely supposed to go for AVIRA Prime since it is considered as the best in the market. 

The latest VPN service from AVIRA Prime comes with plenty of features, qualities and benefits that you would not get if you decide to go for some other VPN service. This is why it is important for you to make a move and avail this VPN service as per your needs and requirements. There are hardly any drawbacks or disadvantages of using this VPN service.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is known to be such application or facility which enables you to access different web content which you are not allowed to access otherwise. Suppose, you are in UK and you want to access some online series, shows and programs of USA which is only accessible to the people who live in USA. In this circumstance, you are supposed to effectively use VPN to hide your geo-location and efficiently access your favorite web content. 

VPN will make you appear as if you are from USA. Among all the other kinds of VPN, AVIRA PRIME VPN is considered to be the best in the business.
When you use effective VPN there are plenty of other benefits that you get. The service providers, governments or hackers won’t be able to sneak peek on your online activities. This way you will surely be safe and protected from any kind of online damage for the obvious reasons. This is why you are really required to go for AVIRA PRIME VPN for your own convenience. 

AVIRA PRIME is known to be well-known German antivirus company which basically offers different kinds of products for your devices such as mobile, computer etc. There is likely to be a dashboard which effectively shows all the services and devices status and thus allows you to properly add/remove different service. On the other hand, it also offers some great android remote tracking tool. 

This subscription-based security company is there to be considered cross platform all-in-one service. There are different kinds of offers that you are allowed to choose from as per your convenience. First there are some basic services in which you can avail AVIRA PRIME service for 9.95 Euro per month for 5 devices at max. On the other hand, you are allowed to go for AVIRA PRIME service for 12.95 Euro for 25 devices etc max. You can go for any of these services whichever suits you best.

Their service is available for every platform be it MAC, iOS, Android or Microsoft Operating Systems. The product for each of these platforms is likely to different in some way or other. Moreover, the configuration and installing method may also sometime differ depending on the device type. You are supposed to avail the AVIRA PRIME VPN services with all the given advantages with no obligation. Some of the benefits you get are described below. 

• Along with the effective VPN service, you can also access some other services across your devices.

• On the other hand, you are supposed to avail complete flexibility in which you are allowed to get the best VPN service on a monthly payment but you have the liberty to opt out from the service anytime you want. There are no obligations for you to continue availing the service.

• Moreover, you get future-proof solution in which you are to avail all the premium services as per your needs and requirements. 

• A great benefit that you get while availing their service is that there is exclusive VIP customer support given which will be quite beneficial for you in many ways. You can anytime make a call to get their assistance to solve your problems.

• The AVIRA PRIME VPN is supposed to be available in a fairly cheap price. On the other hand, if you decide to go for some other VPN service then you may have to pay some hefty amount of money. 

• In case, apart from availing AVIRA PRIME VPN service you also want to avail other service like Antivirus or Software Updater then it will save you a lot of money since you will get some attractive discount already being a customer of this company. 

• In case, you are already availing standard AVIRA service then you are supposed to further a very less amount to avail their Prime service. 

Once you use AVIRA PRIME VPN, you are supposed to effectively access your favorite reality shows, programs or operas that is not accessible in your country. The Virtual Private Network does the job for you and make you look appear from some other place rather than your actual location. There are some other facilities that provide you with similar benefits but none of them is considered to be as effective and efficient as the latest VPN. 

Similarly, there are different kinds of other VPN service providers or companies in the market but none of them is better than AVIRA PRIME. The technology used by AVIRA PRIME VPN is regarded as top-notch and which is why it does the best for you. 

It is just important for you to do some online research about the various aspects of AVIRA PRIME VPN. The more you research the better it will be for you for the obvious reasons. You can go for various AVIRA PRIME VPN review to explore more information about the products. A lot of people have already been benefitted by this product and you will be no different. You have the options of checking different customers’ reviews and feedbacks given on this VPN product. If you find these feedbacks useful then you can go for the product. You can go for the best private VPN 2018.



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