Set Up VPN for ONEPLUS 6

How to Set Up VPN for ONEPLUS 6 Easily?

If you are unable to access any site due to restrictions on your OnePlus 6 then fret not as in this article we’ll discuss exactly how to set up a VPN on your OnePlus 6 Smartphone. Click here to view details.

What is Actually a VPN?

A VPN or virtual private network is actually a private network which works across any public network and allows you to exchange data over the public network as if you were on a private network. Therefore being on a VPN is more secure than on a public network.

There are various reasons to use VPNs and one of the best VPN available right now is the IPVanish. You are protected as well anonymous and free of any tracking (even your ISP can’t track you!). You also get the benefit of 2months of extra VPN services if you purchase it over a one year period which is quite exciting.

Steps to Setup VPN on OnePlus 6

The steps to install the new VPN on your OnePlus 6 are discussed below:

First, go to the official website of the IPVanish VPN where you will have to create an account by providing your mail address and then choose a plan among the options available which you think is the best for you. The plan having the longest duration gives the best value.
After completing the above procedure you can download the VPN app on your OnePlus 6 from the Google play store app.
After downloading and installing the VPN app you need to complete the login by giving your user id and password in the required places and click on login and you are anonymous!
Some Important VPN Features

The VPN app will give you options about the protocol you would like to use namely the TCP and UDP. While TCP is slower but more secure, UDP on the other hand is quite faster but lesser secure than TCP.
You can also hide the fact that you are using a VPN since many platforms doesn’t allow it for some geographic or content restrictions.
You will also get to choose from multiple locations across the world on your OnePlus 6 as your current location which can help you attract better speeds.

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