A complete PURE VPN review and the features it provides

Thus it is transparent about the popularity of the PureVPN software provider that it has got a huge range of powerful features which helps the user to connect the service into many other devices, they provide a high quality speed, with a minimum amount of pricing for the VPN service and lastly with the best facility for securing the information and data of all the users.

In the actual scenario, PureVPN show off more than other servers. It is quite obvious that PureVPN is owner of almost 1 million users throughout the whole world.

The PureVPN is the most favorable and trusted internet connection provider because the reasons are as follows:

• PureVPN is totally compatible to use on over 20 types of devices.

• PureVPN servers are providing connection to almost 141 countries of the world.
• PureVPN has the capability to provide 24/7 chatting and email service.
• Lastly, PureVPN is the most popular in the market because they provide complete secured advanced online services.
PureVPN has got a huge range of features, thus the features of the PureVPN has described in details below.

This PureVPN is the provider of different types of offer with high level security service for online browsing and also different types of entertainment features which provides a complete product for anybody who is searching for a top-notch VPN services.

Virtual Router
The PureVPN is also a provider of the virtual router which is featured with the working capability in the Windows application system. The PureVPN basically makes a conversion on your computer or the laptop computer to a virtual router. Now, as soon as the PureVPN server gets connected through a virtual router then you will be able to make connection with at least 10 devices with your computer, as same as like the other routers do.

Compatibility with more than 20 devices

Again, PureVPN becomes popular very much because among huge number of peoples because of its high compatibility with almost all of the nearest devices. The PureVPN users can connect it with the Smart TV, Apple TV Android devices, iOS devices, XBOX and also even the blackberry and among many other devices.

Unmetered transfer of Data
There are other VPN software providers those who make limitations for the amount of the data which can be used by the users while streaming. On the other hand, we come to see that PureVPN has got no metered data transferring system rather they allow the user to use unmetered data without regarding at all about the package of data you purchased.

Split – Tunneling
The PureVPN is again a provider of an excellent service i.e., they are featured with split – tunneling which helps the user while deciding what type of data should be send through the VPN system and also what to send through the regular ISP i.e., Internet Service Provider. This allows every user to maintain the frequency of the service wherever it is possible. Recently, the PureVPN is featured to be in bets, thus for that reason it may not remain to be compatible with the Windows 8/10.

265 – bit Data Encryption
Secured browsing facility is the only factor for which the VPN service is being purchased, but it is very important to make ensure that about the level of encryption your VPN provider is offering. PureVPN is the user of the military – graded encryption level which is up to 256 – bit, so that the data and privacy of the users can be secured

Dedicated Streaming
Lastly, the “Dedicated Streaming” is an add-on feature which helps the user to increase the streaming speeds. The speed can be increased at least up to 20Mbps, instead of having minimum download speed of 4Mbps.

Privacy and Security.

PureVPN is offering a huge amount of features which are aimed in protecting the privacy and the data of the users. With the addition of the 256 – bit encryption, PureVPN is the provider of multiple protocols, which includes OpenVPN, L2TP/IP Security, PPTP, SSTP and lastly IKEv2 for various other devices. PureVPN is also providing a secured Wi-Fi for any hotspot, thus even the public accessing points can be used by the users without worrying about malware or hackers in a secured way. Lastly, in the security purpose PureVPN is also offering a committed IP which is an add-on offer especially for the users who want to have a complete security.



Generally, PureVPN offers many types of subscription packages with a number of add-on features. Currently, PureVPN is providing a one-month subscription for the package of $10.95; six months’ subscription package for $7.95 per month, lastly a two-year subscription package is available for $2.45 per month. PureVPN is the provider of multiple add-on features which includes NAT, Firewall, dedicated IP, Dedicated IP with DDoS protection, Enterprise Grade Security, P2P protection and Router. Each of the users get the facility of money back guarantee within 7days, under the allotted terms and conditions.


PureVPN is broadcasting themselves to be “The World’s Fastest VPN Service”, they have basically earned this title. The reason is that they are only server who provides speed on streaming and gaming sites uncompromisingly, even with an additional feature of boosting the streaming speed even more. When PureVPN server is used for games and mobile devices, streaming on Netflix or on other free streaming websites they provide again a feature of HD quality pictures without delaying. Through this making a connection to servers or going from one server to the other can be done only by a click. This software is basically a great way to watch movies or play games which requires a high speed

Erase of Use. 

PureVPN can be used in a very easy way as it is designed especially for the users who do not have technical knowledge. PureVPN is the ultimate provider of the software for Windows and Mac OS and also for the Android apps, iPhone and iPad. Additionally, they also provide a detailed manual which is set up with the instructions for a further 15 or other operating systems like Linux, Blackberry, PS3 and Apple TV.

Customer Support. 

PureVPN provides support which is considered to be a great asset, as because they have a center for support with easily searchable methods and tutorials for how to download the software on different types of devices.


Thus at the end it is very clear that PureVPN has got a popular position among many users for a lot of reasons and it is really worthy enough of choosing the PureVPN system for the best service facility in the perspective of speed, subscription packages, and other features.


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