Here are 3 of the safest and most efficient alternatives

In today’s world, because of how large a phenomenon the internet has become, it is next to impossible to completely hide yourself online. There are just so many systems in place, there is almost always a way to trace back the connection to the original user. However, hiding away is not completely impossible.

The ones you would want to hide your activity from are none other than the Internet Service Providers that you buy your internet connection from. And when it comes to that, there are plenty solutions of how to hide internet activity from ISP.

Proxies VPN’s & Tor

  • Proxies

One of the simplest ways of hiding your internet activity is by the use of a proxy. These are easily available tools on the internet that you can use to hide yourself or access a site that is otherwise blocked. Do keep in mind that they are not a hundred percent safe but for the most part, they get the job done. Not only that, they are free so what more can you ask for?

  • VPN’s

Alternatively, you can use a Virtual Private Network or a VPN to mask your original IP address. It provides an encrypted network connection which you can use to connect to and browse the internet without anyone knowing who you truly are. It is probably the safest way to keep your privacy intact. But as mentioned before, nothing is a hundred percent efficient.

  • Tor

Last but not the least, if you want to know how to hide internet activity from ISP in a more efficient manner, you can always use Tor. It is basically a web browser which channels your connection through several extra nodes in order to make sure that tracking back the connection is difficult. Like the previous two options, this one is also free of charge, so enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Keeping it Safe
These are 3 of the safest and most efficient alternatives that you should keep in mind when it comes to hiding internet browsing activity from your ISP. Obviously, the VPN service can track you down but they generally do not keep logs as part of their service policies.

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